CLICS was established in 2001 in Belgium. Since then, millions of children in more than 40 countries have been playing with these fun building blocks. CLICS is a unique click system that consists of coloured plastic building blocks. They clic together quickly and easily to form hundreds of different models, limited only by the imagination of the user. While your child is busy building with CLICS, CLICS is working on your child’s fine motor skills. Playing with CLICS teaches children to develop their fine motor skills whilst having fun. Due to their educational value CLICS have been awarded different awards during the past few years. CLICS will boost your child's creativity and imagination. All in all an excellent construction toy! 

Every box or toy bucket contains a construction plan that can be used to make different structures. Do you prefer to create what you come up with yourself? Let your fantasy run free. The more CLICS, the bigger you can build!


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Clics Box 5 in 1

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Clics Bucket 8 in 1