Galt is a UK toy company that produces and sells quality toys which meet the needs of all stages of child development from 0-12 years. Galt products are designed to be fun and to encourage learning through play. Traditionally the company is associated with art, craft and activity products. In more recent years Galt has established a name for itself in the First Years category with the innovative Playnest.

Brightkidz Educational Toys is the exclusive distributor of Galt Toys in Cyprus.



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20 Chunky Crayons

€5.90  out of stock

20 Giant Chalks


3 Little Pigs Game


3 Non-Spill Pots

€7.90  out of stock

3D Paint-it Dinosaurs

€9.90  out of stock

3D Paint-it Ocean

€9.90  out of stock

4 Puzzles in a Box - Dinosaurs

€9.90  out of stock

4 Puzzles in a Box - Jungle

€9.90  out of stock

4 Puzzles in a Box - Ocean

€9.90  out of stock

4 Puzzles in a Box - Vehicles

€9.90  out of stock

Activity Ball


Alphabet Puzzles


Animal Pottery


Animal Sixes

€19.90  out of stock

Antarctica Game


Baby Puzzles - Dinosaurs

€8.90  out of stock

Baby Puzzles - Jungle

€8.90  out of stock

Baking Set


Beady Keyrings

€9.90  out of stock

Bouncy Balls


Brilliant Hair Bands


Card Craft

€19.90  out of stock

Charm Bracelets


Charm Jewellery

€19.90  out of stock



Colour by Numbers Colouring Book

€4.90  out of stock

Colouring Book


Cotton Reels


Counting Puzzle

€19.90  out of stock

Creative Cards

€14.90  New Arrival

Cross Stitch Case

€29.90  out of stock

Cute Charms

€14.90  out of stock

Cute Lockets


Dino Craft

€19.90  New Arrival