Quercetti is an Italian company who has been proudly manufacturing toys in Italy for over 70 years. The Quercetti principle is to make toys that speak kid's language and that address their natural developmental needs. Quercetti design toys which incorporate STEAM - science, technology, engineering, art and maths to stimulate children to gain experience with a high educational value.


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Animal Links

€16.90  out of stock

Daisy Collana


Daisy Shape Sorter


Fanta Color Baby

€24.90  New Arrival

Fanta Color Design


Fanta Color Mandala




Georello Jungle

€20.90  New Arrival

Georello Park


Jumbo Peggy Vehicles


Magnetino Numbers


Marble Refill


Migoga Junior Starter Set

€26.90  out of stock

Quack and Flap




Saxoflute Super


Spiral Tower

€18.90  out of stock

Spirogiro Mandala


Star Links


String Art Animals


Tecno Jumbo


Tecno Jumbo Starter Set

€21.90  New Arrival

Tecno Jumbo Toolbox

€39.90  out of stock

Tecno Nuts & Bolts

€22.90  New Arrival

Tecno Toolbox


Tecno Toolbox (New)


Tubation Wheels


Tubo Pitagorico


Twin Pegs