Small Foot

Small Foot toys stand for the idea of bringing smiles to children's faces! This brand is geared to the learning and playing needs of children up to the age of 6 years. Designed in Germany, Small Foot rely on high-quality raw materials and are comitted to using the renewable source of wood which comes from FSC 100% - certified plantations.


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Chalk and Magnet Board 2 in 1

€84.90  New Arrival

Doctor's Kit

€24.90  New Arrival

Market Stall and Puppet Theatre 2 in 1

€129.90  New Arrival

Play Store Natural

€129.90  out of stock

Plug- in Puzzle Shape Pairs

€13.90  New Arrival

Puff Ball

€23.90  out of stock

Wooden Train Shapes & Colours

€19.90  New Arrival

Workbench Miniwob Large

€114.90  New Arrival