Twickto was created from a father's dream to design something for his sons like no other. Twickto is the ultimate construction toy system for endless building fun whilst stimulating the development of talent. The foundation consists of individual building blocks (Twicks and Bricks) that are twisted together and clicked into place. For certain constructions, you may need the Twicktool to keep on building. Together, all these building blocks form a structure of your choice. The magic is in the symmetry. Twickto allows you to build in all directions, making the possible number of structures limitless. The shape and size of the Bricks allow you to build high up, making even the largest structures possible!
Twickto represents durabilty. They are manufactured in Holland. Made from ABS plastic they are manufactured with the purpose to last a long time.
Twickto has a high educational value and it's no coincidence that it is used in schools. Along with aiding in a child's development Twickto teaches children to work together. Twickto promotes the development of orientation skills as well as mathematical insight and spatial awareness. Twickto makes it possible for  children to learn through play.
March 2018 - Twickto is the only toy brand to win an iF Design Gold Award, a prestigious international design award.


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