Nestable Cubes


With this set of nesting cubes, a timeless and essential toy, we are sure to make everybody happy! This toy is made up of 9 flexible and coloured cubes for stacking and building. The pieces have specially been designed for crushing and biting. Safety and hygiene guaranteed.
This set of 9 flexible and colourful stacking and nesting cubes will quickly drive the imagination of budding architects. Complex constructions, the highest towers, they are also an educational puzzle that helps to cultivate the creativity of curious little minds! Over time, children will learn to recognise numbers, animals, objects, geometric shapes and patterns in the facets of the cubes.
The cubes are easy to hold. When they are pinched, a funny little noise attracts Baby's attention. Children thus exercise their flexibility and ability to grip with their fingers, but also their concentration when stacking. This first construction game develops dexterity, motor skills, visual acuity and patience.
Made of a high-quality, odourless plastic (100% PVC), this toy easily resists time and squashing. As the cubes have a collapsible design, babies will not be hurt if they fall onto the cubes. Your baby can also use the cubes to relieve sensitiveness of gums while teething.
Dimensions of each piece: 5.7 x 5 x 5 cm

Brand: Ludi

Categories: Birth+

Age: 10 months+

Do not use this product if defects are detected. This product must be regularly inspected for signs of wear and tear.

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