PlayMais Basic Small


New Arrival

Hours of crafting fun for small hands! Whether you're following the instructions or playing completely free and independently - with this comprehensive PlayMais® set, imagination and creativity know no bounds! This resealable set contains PlayMais® pieces made of cornstarch and coloured with food colouring. Moistening the PlayMais® pieces activates their natural stickiness after which the three-dimensional crafting fun can begin. Incl. instructions and accessories. Creativity and motor skills are developed while crafting. This natural toy is 100% biodegradable and contains no additional artificial ingredients, making it absolutely safe for children.
More and more parents are focusing on environmental sustainability - even for playtime! For that reason, PlayMais® belongs in every crafting assortment.
This set contains approximately 150 PlayMais Basic pieces.

Brand: PlayMais

Categories: Modelling Materials

Age: 3 years+

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