Twist Ball


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Something to awaken baby’s senses!
This interesting ball in a unique shape with vibrant colours and multiple textures will intrigue children.
Designed for small hands, it’s easy to grab. Its many colourful, flexible tubes encourage children to grab it. Decorated with textured shapes, children will love to pick up the ball to slide and turn the shapes. Their flexible and lightweight plastic material is resistant to chewing and easy to clean. Perfect for soothing gums during teething!
As they get older, children will learn to hold and rotate the centre ball. They’ll have fun turning it over and over without it coming loose. The fun little clicking sounds of the rolling balls will encourage them to continue playing with it. They’ll also learn to throw, follow and catch the ball. This will get them moving and develop their motor skills while learning to coordinate their movements.
Diameter: 12.5cm

Brand: Ludi

Categories: Birth+

Age: 10 months+

Do not use this product if defects are detected. This product must be regularly inspected for signs of wear and tear.