Mobilo – the classic construction toy for kindergartens!

Mobilo promotes creativity and fine motor skills. For quick building success or creative play variants this construction toy offers countless possibilities. The basic geometric elements can be easily combined using various connectors. In no time a windmill becomes a helicopter with a movable propellor. Once children have familiarised themselves with the versitality of Mobilo they can create an infinite number of models without any limits to imagination! It is especially suitable for children between 3 and 8 years - they can build houses, vehicles, animals and people. With increasing age simple towers become ever more complex creations and structures.

While playing with Mobilo, children gather insights and experiences for their whole lives: sense of shape, combination skills, three-dimensional thinking and the connections between balance, stability and motion. A systematic and constructive approach is practiced in a fully intuitive manner. At the same time, creativity, powers of concentration and – in playgroups – social behaviour are developed and enhanced.

Mobilo is of high educational value. It has been honoured with several awards and is highly appreciated by parents and teachers throughout the world.

Washable, durable, CE-labelled – and reliable quality made in Germany.



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